Half a centuryago, in 1959, Sharp began developing solar cells. As a manufacturer of products that consume electricity, we've always felt it's our responsibility to create electricity as well. No other companies were thinking like that 50 years ago. We were one of the first to realize the effectiveness of solar energy and have continued to develop it ever since.

"If we could find a way of generating electricity from limitless solar heat and light, that would benefit humankind to an extent we can scarcely imagine."

Tokuji Hayakawa, Founder of SHARP Corporation

Be Original

From the beginning, Sharp has been driven by originality.
We originate technologies that enhance lifestyles,
Inspire innovations that support individual expression,
And create products that let you be you.
There is only one Sharp.
There is only one you. 


SHARP belive that we must all take responsibility for our impact on the planet 

This is Why we run our product development, manufacturing and business operations in the most environmentally conscious way possible.

Since the 1990s we have been examining the lifecycle of our products, from conception to disposal, looking for new ways of reducing our environmental impact. Looking ahead, our dual business vision is to: Contribute to the world through an environmental and health-conscious business, focusing on energy-saving and energy-creating products;

Contribute to a ubiquitous society with one-of-a-kind products and services.

Eco Centric Our aim is to become what we have defined as an Eco-Positive Company: a company that works with all stakeholders to create solutions that positively outweigh any negative environmental impact caused by its operations.

This is Why we’re changing the way we think as well as the way we work.

To achieve this we have created our Eco - Positive Strategy, which encompasses:

1) Eco-Positive Technologies Generating new business through one-of-a-kind environmental technologies

2) Eco-Positive Products Expanding contributions to protecting the environment through products and services

3) Eco-Positive Operations Reducing environmental impacts in product engineering and manufacturing

4) Eco-Positive Relationships Enhancing corporate value through involvement with the community

Sharp solar can help you minimise electricity costs and carbon impact, contact us to find out more.

This is Why our future is a greener future.

So much of the technology we all rely on today, was the stuff of writers’ and scientists’ imaginations a decade ago. Our progress is astounding. And with this progress comes responsibility.

For every step forward we must consider our footprint. Individuals and large corporations alike, from the smallest local action to far-reaching global initiatives, we all have a duty to reduce our impact on the environment.