Sharp offers a wide range of photovoltaic modules. Ask for attractive package offers by Sharp, which include the solar modules, AC & DC products as well as total solution for solar.

Using breakthrough technology, made possible by over 60 years of prietary research and development, Sharp's solar modules incorporate and advanced surface texturing process to increase light absorption and improve efficiency. The solar modules are designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions and offer high power output per square foot of solar array.

Residential for Asia‐Pacific Region

(Including AustraliaN market)


A Vast Array of Sharp Solar Solutions

Sharp provides comprehensive engineering and consulting services that provide the best results for customers' project. Our experts possess decades of engineering experience and apply this knowledge to the everyday challenges. Sharp works closely with customers to provide innovative, affordable solutions. We deliver improved efficiencies while reducing cost and risk by optimizing the use of energy.

Our engineering and design services range from planning and permitting through preliminary and detailed design to start-up and commissioning for all types of projects.


Project Management

Project Management


Turnkey EPC

Turnkey EPC


Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Project Management

  • Project plan
  • Project plan
  • Risk management
  • Risk management
  • Cost analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Communication plan

Turnkey EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction)

Our engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solar energy solutions to customers around the world. From initial planning to project closure, we encompass a complete set of skills to complete your project beyond your expectations.

Engineering Services

  • Design the plant layouts
  • Cost calculation
  • Yield analysis
  • Technical planning : conceptual, basic and detailed engineering
  • Consultancy

Procurement Services

  • Finalization of the project plan
  • Supplier selection
  • Milestone planning and project controlling

Construction Services

  • Construction
  • Site management
  • Installation
  • Quality inspection
  • Commissioning and handover of the turnkey project


O&M (Operation & Maintenance)

Sharp provide complete operation & maintenance services. We understand that after the construction, the sustainability is dependent on appropriate and sufficient operations and maintenance over short, medium and long term timelines. 

We protect solar power plants and ensure its maximum power production by the essential operation and maintenance. From power generation status monitoring to inspection and management of the supporting system, we provide backup service to our customers' power plant during all years of operation.