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Welcome to the SHARP

business partner page

Because every customer has specific and varying requirements this is why we offer a
vast range of benefits and right solutions.

Sharp Global

We offer complete solar power systems and solar power products :

  • for private residential buildings
  • for commercial and factory buildings
  • for agricultural applications
  • for business
  • for stand-alone installations
  • for investors

We find the right solution for your project.

Our team will gladly advise you on all solar solution matters, help you to choose the system that’s just right for you and after installation will offer you comprehensive service.

Our team will work with you at a senior level; advising nationally but managing locally for fast response times. Together we’ll identify, acquire and implement the technologies and processes that will support you in the years to come, saving you time, money and a great deal of effort.

We provide Comprehensive management information.

When you work with Sharp you’ll be entering in to a partnership governed by strict service level agreements and agreed key performance indicators. Plus, everything will be covered by a single national agreement and managed by a single point of responsibility.

Savings, efficiency improvements, costs – everything will be measured, documented, analysed and reported to you at agreed intervals so you can see exactly what difference we’re making.

You’ll see what we’ve achieved together, what the next objectives should be, and how we’ll work together to achieve them.