Sharp Builds Mega Solar Power Plant
in Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Large 45 MW-dc output enough to power 40,500 households*1; power generation capacity of 76,373 MWh/year*2

Completed solar power plant

Completed solar power plant


Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation (SESJ)*3 announces the completion of a mega solar power plant in Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam. The project was a collaboration with multiple partners, including T&T Group Joint Stock Company (T&T)*4 of Vietnam and T&T affiliate Ninh Thuan Energy Industry Joint Stock Company*5

The new plant has an output of approximately 45 MW-dc, with annual power generation capacity estimated at 76,373 MWh/year. This is equivalent to the amount consumed in a year by about 40,500 average Vietnamese households. SESJ has so far constructed five solar power plants in Vietnam, for a combined capacity of approximately 245 MW-dc. This new plant will raise the total capacity to approximately 290 MW-dc. The Vietnamese government has formulated a plan*6 to raise solar power generation capacity in the country to 12,000 MW by the year 2030. SESJ will leverage the technologies and know-how it has gained from the construction of power plants and remains committed to spreading renewable energy in Vietnam.


 Country  Socialist Republic of Vietnam
 Location  Ninh Thuan Province
 Output (module capacity)  Approx. 45 MW-dc
 Annual power generation capacity (estimate)  Approx. 76,373 MWh/year
 (enough to supply about 40,500 households)
 Avoided greenhouse gas emissions (estimate)  Approx. 25,458 t-CO2/year
 Start of operation  Early July
*1 Calculated at 1,887 kWh per household.
*2 Estimate for the initial year of operation.
*3 SESJ is a subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, specializing in energy solutions such as the sales of PV systems and the installation of electrical equipment.
*4 A Vietnam-based conglomerate operating in multiple industries, such as investment, real estate, finance, healthcare, and logistics.
*5 This company will be in charge of operating the new plant.
*6 Source: the Vietnamese government’s 7th Power Development Plan (PDP7).

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